Sustainability and Ethical Work

Welcome to Do Brasil, your gateway to the heart of Brazilian fashion in Europe. Our mission is more than just providing unique and vibrant styles; it's about shaping a conscious fashion movement.

Driven by the need for change, I embarked on this journey, inspired by concerns over the concentration of clothing production in low-cost countries. The echoes of incidents like Rana Plaza's collapse, a stark reminder of the human cost behind fast fashion, compelled me to offer an alternative. I envisioned a platform that could redefine the industry, sourcing clothing from my homeland, Brazil.


At Do Brasil, we believe in fashion with a purpose, where ethics and people take precedence. Our dedication to ethical practices is resolute. We stand vigilant against any violation of labor rights and steadfastly refuse to collaborate with suppliers that do not uphold the standards set by Brazilian labor laws. Beyond just a business, we're a movement that celebrates the human aspect of fashion. With every stitch, we honor the artisans who breathe life into our garments, infusing them with meaning and authenticity.
Sustainability is in our DNA, guiding every decision we make. Mindful material selection and timeless designs speak to a future where quality prevails over quantity. Our suppliers largely operate on pre-orders, ensuring that each piece receives the attention it deserves and reducing waste.
Join us on this journey toward a sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Embrace a future where style and consciousness harmonize. By choosing Do Brasil, you not only express your individuality but also contribute to a meaningful transformation in the world of fashion.