• Fátima Scofield (@fatimascofield)

The businesswoman and stylist Fátima Scofield has been active in the Brazilian fashion market for more than three decades, creating carefully thought out collections and combining the design of each piece with handmade and haute couture techniques.


With expertise and a keen eye, the stylist has mastered a unique curation of fabrics, materials and finishes for each of the collections of her brands. This work, added to the design, the development of prints and the use of manual techniques, results in an exclusive limited production for each season.


For years, Fátima Scofield has been considered one of the most respected fashion labels in the luxury segment in Brazil. The signature dresses and tailoring are considered true works of art.


Timeless and feminine, the Fátima Scofield brand relies on the competence of the stylist Daniel Corrêa to create the collections with pieces made in noble fabrics, such as chiffon and silk satin, and with modeling techniques of absolute excellence, such as moulage, in which the clothes are built on the body, with the excellence of haute couture. The prints, developed exclusively by the style team, also define the brand's unique identity and essence.


Company details:

Name: Fatima Scofield Industria E Comercio Ltda

Registration Number:  23.756.964/0001-60

Factory address: Rua Cura Dares, 812 - Prado - Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brasil.


  • Iorane (@iorane/ @iorane_world)

Born and made in Brazil, Iorane is a ready to wear collection with a lively, bold and feminine aesthetic. One of the most influential lines in the Brazilian fashion scene, Iorane interprets seasonal trends via their own distinctive and sensual perspective (Revolve).

After over 35 years within Brazilian fashion industry, in 2015, Iorane has started its internationalization process entering the U.S. market. In the U.S., Iorane runs its own  e-commerce ( and has opened in 2018 its first physical store at the Town Center Mall, in Boca Raton, Miami. In addition, Iorane is represented by the Fiftytwo  Showroom in New York and can also be found in the most important platforms for luxury fashion, such as Shopbop, Revolve and Nordstrom. Iorane is a popular brand among celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Company details:


Registration Number:  26.051.748/0003-79

Factory address: Rua Aristóteles Caldeira, 346 - Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brasil



  • Morena Rosa (@morenarosaoficial)

In 1993, in the City of Cianorte (PR), within a small structure called Morena Rosa, with several dreams and four machines manufacturing sweatshirts sold in wholesale, the company was beginning to emerge, which is today one of the largest Brazilian fashion groups.

Morena Rosa Group has about 1,300 direct employees and is one of the country’s largest garment industries, with manufacturing facilities and offices in the States of Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo.

The group produces about two million items of clothing/year, which are marketed in more than 6,000 Brazilian multibrands, in its own stores, Clube Morena Rosa franchises and in more than 10 countries.

To know more about the group, follow @grupomorenarosa, an institutional account that aims to share the activities carried out within the Morena Rosa Group. In it, you can follow a little of the employees' routine, such as: exercises at work, soccer championship, social projects, training courses and even mass.


Company details:

Name: Morena Rosa Indústria e Comércio de Confecções S/A

Registration Number:  15.095.271/0005-79

Factory address: Avenida das Fábricas, 412 A - Distrito Industrial Adelino Pagani - Cianorte - Paraná - Brasil.



  • Skazi (@skazi)

For 25 years, Skazi has been producing women's fashion with a sophisticated, contemporary and bold aesthetic. Based in the city of Belo Horizonte, the brand features among the most influential fashion brands in the state of Minas Gerais. Its fabric is also located in the city of Belo Horizonte, more specifically in the neighborhood called Prado, and employs more than 250 workers. The company produces around 100,000 items of clothing annually. Using noble fabrics and adding handmade finish to many of its garments, Skazi aims for the modern and bold woman.


Company details:

Name: Nova Era Industria de Moda LTDA

Registration Number:  35.271.593/0001-05

Factory address: Rua Cuiabá, 1118 - Prado - Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brasil


  • Skunk (@skunkbrasil)

Skunk is a family business that started 40 years ago. The company is led by four women, responsible for both the creative and the business part of the process. And because of that, the brand is made for us: women.

Skunk values diversity, skill and attention to details. ⁣With a production that is truly an artistic expression, the Skunk factory is a universe where all possibilities come to life and become reality. 


Company details:


Registration Number:  32.217.224/0001-46

Factory address: Rua Prof. Joaquim Henrique Viana, 62 - Centro, Juiz de Fora - Minas Gerais - Brasil



  • Sou Feline (@soufeline)


Sou Feline specialized in casual and beachwear, with a strong focus on exclusive prints, mix of colors and textures.


Inspired by the Brazilian woman, driven and sexy, Sou Feline collections are specially designed to go from the beach to the club: versatility is our motto!


Sou Feline loves the mix of styles, fabrics and colors, always combining comfort, sensuality, quality and fair prices.


The relationship with its employees, suppliers, customers and the community is based on transparency and social responsibility, always aiming to leave a good impact on all involved with the company.


Company details:

Name: Feline Moda Feminina Eireli - ME

Registration Number:  34.583.018/0001-85

Factory address: R Aurantina, 101 - Sacoma, São Paulo - Brasil